Yesterday, my beautiful bestie/sister and her dear husband came from out of state for a visit — and it was so so good to see them. We had planned to go to them last week and had to rearrange so I was incredibly thankful that we didn’t have to skip our Christmas get together.

Not only did we have the bestl visit, she brought me the most wonderful Christmas present.

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With my CRPS, I have to keep my feet under blankets much of the time while I’m resting — and my Ginny made this beautiful one for me. Oh my heart. What a precious, perfect gift.

Every time I use it — which will be all of the time — I will think of her.

After they had to go back home, my Sara Bug and I rested for a bit — and I broke in my new blanket — and then Sara made us one of her amazing dinners.

There is nothing like a yummy homemade meal and good company to make a person feel special.

I am so grateful for my people who love me so well and for late Christmases and warm blankies.

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Grace and Blessings, everybody.

wife & mom. Jesus follower. writer. student. spoonie. holistic nutritionist. disabled nurse.

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