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  • Dr. Stephanie Estima

    Dr. Stephanie Estima

    Podcast Host: Better! With Dr. Stephanie www.drstephanieestima.com & http://www.bettershow.co

  • Rebecca Thomas

    Rebecca Thomas

    I bring wisdom and clarity to thorny problems, weight is one. Founder @ notanotherdiet.co

  • Mikaela Yeager

    Mikaela Yeager

    On a mission to help people respect their bodies and find peace and joy with food and exercise. https://www.instagram.com/bigger.than.a.body/

  • Dan Foster

    Dan Foster

    Writer & Poet: Learning life’s lessons in the classroom of pain; Writing them down so others can gain. www.patreon.com/dandoeswriting

  • Nick Wignall

    Nick Wignall

    Psychologist and blogger. I help people use psychology for meaningful personal growth: https://nickwignall.com

  • Felicia Atkinson

    Felicia Atkinson

    College grad with a degree in Psychology. Health fanatic and recipe creator: https://linktr.ee/feliciaka

  • Suzie Glassman

    Suzie Glassman

    I write about health and fitness through exercise and non-restrictive eating. Sometimes I write about my kiddos. https://bit.ly/3vEztLS

  • Sara Becker

    Sara Becker

    Anesthesia, Weekend Beers, UC... That sums me up, now I’ll write about anything. Writer for You, Me & My Dog. https://www.buymeacoffee.com/sarabecker

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